All About Altimeters

Using altimeters, pilots can measure the altitude
Altimeters do one job; they tell us what our altitude is

to detect your altitude
An altimeter may use an air pressure sensor to measure the current air pressure
The altimeter will need to be preset to at a known altitude, to convert pressure values into altitude readings

Analogue Altimeter

analogue wrist mount
main advantages

  • they are easy
  • don’t require batteries
  • make sure they are zeroed
  • have a large, clock style face
  • easy to read at a glance

Digital Altimeter

Can read altitude accurately (to within a couple of feet)
Batteries must be regularly changed or recharged

Hikers often use Barometric Altimeters

free fall alarms, canopy alarms
Audible altimeters

Best Altimeter Watches

combine a compass with an altimeter and a barometer

(to measure the air pressure around you at a given altitude)

“ABC watches” (altimeter/barometer/compass)